Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ocean fun

We just got back from spending 3 days at Ocean Shores and we had such a fun time. It was so nice to escape life for a bit (and technology - we had basically no service at the condo) and just focus on our family and spending quality time together.

We pretty much let the boys run the show - which meant we spent a LOT of time in the pool and on the beach, just fine by us!  The pool was heated, thankfully, but the weather was a bit overcast most of the time which meant a very cold RUN back to the condo after we got out of the water, followed by hot baths!  The boys were absolute fish!  Crosby couldn't get enough and we even bought him goggles down there because he wanted to be like Daddy.  Armed with his floaty arm thing and goggles that kid was unstoppable and was swimming around the entire pool.  Jack loved the water as well, but was my little shadow (which I didn't mind, body heat was welcomed!) and he and I swam around, touched numbers (depth indicators), played on the stairs, kicked up a storm and cuddled.

We also did our fair share of beach combing - Crosby loved gathering (mostly broken) shells, pretty rocks and other beach treasures.  Jack would've been content forever just playing in sand - he dug and rolled and built castles like no one's business.  We flew kites, walked around and generally loved exploring.

During the rainy times we also explored Ocean Shores - we found a fun little arcade that the boys terrorized for awhile.  We checked out multiple candy stores and the boys got a few treats.  We found a little bakery with huge, delicious cookies.  There was a home show at the small convention center that we walked around - the boys even when down a large fair-like slide there.  And the highlight of the rainy day was bowling - a first for both boys.  Jack had fun, but by the end of the 10 frames was getting bored, but Crosby LOVED it.  We bumper-bowled and Crosby even managed several spares!  He is asking to go back already.

Most nights ended in cuddles on the couch with popcorn and a movie - followed by giggling and whispering of two tired boys in their bedroom.  Such great memories were made and we can't wait to go back again sometime!


Alec and Becky said...

Sounds like a really great getaway!!

Linda and Larry said...

Love, Love, Love those boys!