Monday, March 18, 2013

Scottsdate sunshine

We just got back from spending a wonderful week in Scottsdale, Arizona with Grammie and Papa. It was a much needed break from reality and we had a WONDERFUL time.

Not only were we in dire need of some sunshine, but a week together with nothing to do but snuggle and laugh was just what was needed to break up the long winter we've been having.  The boys did much better with travel and sleeping all in the same room than we anticipated, and when they ran into my parent's adjoining condo in the mornings to find Grammie waiting for them, well, you just can't replicate those smiles and squeals of delight.

We played at playgrounds, rode miniature trains, swam EVERY DAY, went on walks looking for rabbits, ate a lot of ice cream, took in (part) of a Mariner's game (it was SO HOT), watched the Phoenix Coyotes practice and visited their stadium, and just had a great time together!

Both of the boys are water babies, much to our delight. We weren't sure how Jack would respond to swimming, but he warmed up to it quickly. He loved the splash park at the clubhouse and was my pool buddy - floating around. Crosby LOVED swimming and with the aid of some floaties was a wild thing - swimming by himself, wanting to jump in over and over and never quite wanting to get out of the pool.

We can't wait to go back again. Crosby tried to convince us to head back yesterday when he saw a pool ball we found during our time there. His logic was quite sound - we needed to return it and go to the "vacation house" again.  What wonderful memories and time spent together!

Riding the Train and the AMAZING railroad park!

  The park wore Jack out.  This seemed to be a common occurance - Jack asleep in the stroller!

My water boys.

The Mariner's game (it was so hot and the park offered very little shade so we didn't make it through the whole game, but it was still fun!)

The Culver's cow - the boys both shared their Papa's love of custard and cheese curds.

Crosby's digs - he loved sleeping in his own huge bed next to us.

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