Friday, November 2, 2012

Picture time

Last weekend we decided to try to take some pictures of the boys...getting them to sit still proved to be more difficult that we anticipated!  These boys are so much fun and keep us on our toes!  Here is what they are up to lately:

Loves Star Wars.  Mostly he likes Episode 4, but he also likes the Ewoks and the Wookiees.His favorites are: Darth Vader, Storm Troopers, Star Wars Legos or the Star Wars Legos xBox game. Loves the game Robbery Bob on the iPad. I think this is teaching questionable life skills, but Drew and he seem to be fascinated by it.  Crosby's favorite part is earning points to buy smelly donuts that he leaves for the security guards to eat, causing them to need to go to the bathroom. Again, questionable life skills. He is such a big boy. He is helpful, able to do pretty much everything by himself, and has an opinion about everything. I think his favorite time of day is staying up late with us after Jack goes to bed. He now likes to have in his bed at night: A big pillow, his little pillow, his little blankie, his baby, his big blankie, 2 little bibles, a book, his penguin dream light, his stuffed elephant and his Scout. Seriously?!  Did I also mention that doesn't include his covers, his nightlight, his humidifier and his music. I think it might be awhile before he's ready for a sleep over! :)

Loves getting into anything he shouldn't be, and when he tries to do something he shouldn't (pull up floor vents, move TV speakers, try to eat iPhone cords) he shows his dissatisfaction with you quite loudly - he can pout with the best of them.  He is walking more and more, but he is still wobbly and often prefers to just drop and crawl. If he sees food, he expects to be offered some. He is still an early to bed, early to rise boy... I have daydreams about sleeping in until 7 on weekends. These, currently, are unfulfilled dreams. He puts everything in his mouth, loves to be chased, and loves to smile.  He talks up a storm, likes to be flipped upside down and thinks that Crosby is the best thing ever.  He is my cuddler at night time and likes to cap off the day with a snuggle while watching Curious George.  Jack is my handful, but his smile lights up a room and he is worth every ounce of trouble he brings with him!

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Alec and Becky said...

cute photos!! thanks for the update!