Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer is winding down

I get to this point in the summer and even though it is not *quite* over, I miss is desperately.  We had an amazing summer.  It was packed!  Camping, little family getaways, swimming lessons, play dates, and lots of time with my two (not so little) munchkins. I adore summer. 90 degree days and all. And I am already missing it as I prepare to start working again a few days these next couple of weeks until school starts full force.  

Somehow this year seems even more special as I can see these boys growing and moving out of "toddler" and "little boy" into the land of boyhood and while I love it, I'm desperately soaking up every snuggle that I can.  Crosby is heading into 1st grade in a few weeks and Jack is soon to follow starting Pre-school a week later.

So, we are soaking up all that we can while the sun is still out and we have time to burn.  This weekend we went down to the Auburn Days parade - the boys love the fire engines, police motorcycles and marching bands. Sunday after church we spent the day at Grammie and Papa's with the Boston-bound Nelsons.  They leave to drive across the country this week and we won't get to see them in person again until Christmas break.  Boy are we going to miss them!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ocean Shores

We recently got to spend a wonderful weekend in Ocean Shores, again thanks to Grammie and Papa giving us some of their timeshare use. It was such a fun, family getaway!

We headed out early Friday morning and hit up the Olympia children's museum on our way out to the coast. A few hours was nowhere near enough time there, the boys love all of the exhibits and things to explore. They especially love the construction/building area and we had to drag them out at lunchtime.

After a quick stop at the Olympia farmer's market, we were back on the road.  We arrived early afternoon and packed in a beach walk, swimming, a trip to town and a grilled dinner before bed!  Our room was right by the pool and the dunes entrance to the beach and boy did we utilize them both!  We swam twice Saturday, went mini-golfing (Jack's first time), hit up the arcade, multiple beach trips and shell walks and checked out all the fun stores in town. Sunday we made a traditional Cabela's stop on the way home. It was a short trip, but packed with fun, laughter and great quality time together!  We can't wait to go back!

Monday, July 27, 2015

8 years and Lake Chelan

On July 14th, Drew and I celebrated our 8th anniversary and got to do so with the boys in the beautiful Lake Chelan. Many thanks to my parents for letting us use their time share.  We had an AMAZING 5 days away together as a family and loved every second of it!  We swam, multiple times a day, multiples hours a time - the boys adored the pool and splash park and even enjoyed the steps of the hot tub to appease mom and dad occasionally!  We bowled, played at parks, Drew and Crosby did a putting golf course (twice - Crosby was obsessed), shopped around town, ate some great food and channeled Papa for ice cream/shakes on a daily basis.  What a wonderful time escaping the demands of life and regrouping for lots of laughter, snuggles and smiles. We will definitely go back!

And let me just say that 8 years with Drew? A delight. Love this man and love our crew!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Camp CIBJESS 2015

We just got back from a wonderful weekend up on Camano Island with my Aunt Diane and Uncle Darrel, my cousins and the whole Nelson/Miller crew.

We "camped" in their 5th wheel, and Greg's crew brought up their new camper as well. The kids had the time of their lives!  We had water wars, swam, played corn hole, rode lawn mowers, a tractor and a quad, played baseball, shot BB guns, made a fort, watched an outdoor movie, played carnival games, had a bonfire, watched fireworks, stayed up way too late and had great BBQ food.  Seriously little boy paradise and they already want to go back!!

My cousin Neil also took us to his fire station again and the kids got to ride in the truck, climb in all the vehicles, and spray the hose. The boys LOVED it and it  didn't want to leave!

Thank you so much for the amazing weekend Diane and Darrel!! You truly made the 4th of July spectacular!  We can't wait for next year...we might need a nap first though, we got all tuckered out!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Summer, summer, summertime...

Well, we are a few weeks into summer break and loving every minute! Crosby had a great year in Kindergarten, and though we are sad to leave a teacher and class we love, he is very excited about first grade as well!

Our first two weeks in summer we started swimming lessons again for the boys, they've loved being in the water again and our park playtime afterwards. Jack is far more concerned with playing than actually learning to swim, but Crosby is making good progress with his side breathing and even learning to tread water.

Crosby also started ice skating lessons, so far we are two lessons in and he has done a whole lot of falling. But our boy has shown a great resilience and we are so proud that he keeps a great attitude and continues to get up and keep trying! We have a little more work before he's in the NHL for sure :) He is in the red shirt in the center below.

Other than lessons we've kept our pace slow this year. The heat alone has kept us from over scheduling! We've been reading lots of books, playing lots of playdoh and sports and taking any excuse to get wet to beat the heat!