Thursday, August 21, 2014


We somehow convinced Daddy to take a day off of work and play with us, so we headed south to Olympia to check out the Children's museum there and meet up with Aunt Ida and Maya (Drew's cousin's littlest girl). The Children's museum was seriously incredible.  We got there right when it opened so we the run of the place for a while. Both the boys had huge grins on their faces when they saw the inside and they took off running.  They have everything a kid could want:  a play store (food on shelves, cash register), a farm area (to pick the veggies, milk the goat or get eggs from the chickens), a pretend kid sized kitchen, a pretend restaurant, a water/ball/steam area (hard to describe, Crosby loved it), a build-a-boat and water table with current and changeable pathways, a pretend ferry boat, train table, pretend firetruck, ambulance and police car with outfits to wear, a nursery (to hold, weight and feed pretend babies), a construction room, a stage with props and costumes, a tree house/camping site, a huge room with scarves that get sucked through tubes, a giant climing structure and 2 story twirly slide, a 0-3 area with littler activities, a huge sand area outside and a tangled branch forest.  Seriously amazing!!

After a few hours we dragged the kids out (literally, they would not have left of their own free will). We then met up with Uncle Lowell at the farmer's market for lunch, ice cream and a little shopping.  The kids even danced to the live music during lunch.  Overall we had a wonderful day and can't wait to go back again. Crosby asked if we could turn our house into that museum, so I'm pretty confident he like it!


So as not to break tradition, we attended the Auburn Days parade again a few weeks ago.  This time Grammie, Papa and Emma were able to join us while Andy and Hilary took care of some moving tasks.  We had a great time!  We packed a lunch for the kids, staked out seats and wandered booths for free stuff while waiting for the parade to start. We even got up close and personal with some police/SWAT vehicles.

All of the kids loved the parade, and thankfully this year it was not insanely long.  The kids also cashed in on the free candy - Crosby especially as he seemed to get handfuls from those passing out candy - I'm pretty sure he thought the parade rivaled Halloween!  Emma loved the dance troops or anything with music.  Jack loved the fire engines and the horse dancers.  Crosby really just loved the candy, though he thought the rest of it was great too!

We will definitely be back again next year!

Summer things

August has been a fun and busy month so far!!

Crosby did 3 rounds of swimming lessons this year that we just finished up.  He LOVED swimming and is asking when he can take more lessons already.  He got to the point of accomplishing a 15 ft crawl stroke without taking a breath and also transitioning from a back glide to the crawl stroke.  Of course he also wanted a thumbs up acknowledgement after each lap he made!  Jack was not a huge fan of watching lessons until this last round - when we switched to evening lessons and Daddy was able to come.  Which meant Jack got to keep a parent outside on the playground and get some solid sliding and swinging time each day.  Between t-ball and swimming, Crosby has been loving all the activity and we've seen a lot of growth in him this summer.  He is gaining confidence in his abilities and a willingness to try new things and be a bit more brave.

We have also had plenty of playtime.  Between exploring local parks (perhaps even sneaking into a private golf club park without realizing it - oops!), play dates with friends, and some adventuring - we have had a blast!  We've also had a lot of time at home to just relax together.  This summer that has meant a lot of Legos.  A lot. Playing "fireman", playing "camping", board games, puzzles, "school time" with Crosby (reading, writing, letters & numbers workbooks), sandbox, water table and general shenanigan time.

One Friday we were able to meet up with all of the Nelson cousins, moms and Grammie for a fun zoo trip.  The kids loved all of the animals, running around together and eating a picnic lunch.  Crosby even touched a baby sting ray (see - BRAVE!).  The favorites this trip included the elephants, penguins and aquarium.  And the playground was a hit as well. We all rode the carousel to round out the day, even if it did happen to be on the bench seat (let's not go crazy with the bravery, just getting him on the carousel was a surprise!).

Monday, July 21, 2014

Cousin camp - the Fire Station

A highlight of cousin camp was a trip to the Camano Island Fire Station with Neil.  The kids were in heaven! Neil gave us a tour of the station, had hats and coins for all the kids and they got to explore and climb in all of the vehicles. The boys were both in awe of the trucks, boat, ambulances and couldn't seem to soak it up enough.  There was even an emergency call out for an ambulance while we were there!  These were their reactions:

Neil gave all of the kids a short ride in the fire truck, followed by showing them all of the gear and letting them spray the fire house, even the big kids!

The kids loved resetting the cones for target practice with the hose!

Crosby was seriously in love with Uncle Neil all weekend and pretty much thought he was the coolest thing ever. Even requesting Neil to sit by him at every meal!  It is such a fun and special event to get to do this with the boys and they literally talk about it for months.  Thank you Neil for hosting us, we had a great time!