Monday, April 27, 2015

Looking forward to May flowers.

The end of April has had a few "showers" - both in the literal and figurative sense.  The past 2 weeks have been riddled with illnesses (stomach flus that last a week or more, horrible hacking coughs, fatigue, fevers, etc...) and other less-than-fun events (Drew's car needing a new engine).  Needless to say, we have been tired, maybe a bit grumpy, and definitely a bit overwhelmed.

But, we've also seen some wonderful things happen.

Good friends with encouraging words, loving family, boys that make us laugh, and sun breaks for escaping outside.  Some of those highlights included Crosby losing his first tooth (and the crazed excitement at getting a dollar from us for it).

Crosby earned an award at school for exemplifying this month's character trait - honesty.  Total proud Mommy moment there.  He is growing up FAR too fast, but turning into such an amazing little man.

After he recouped from the tummy bug he has been full-force into all things sports.  He's had several baseball games, even earning the MVP ball at one for his amazing out at 2nd base.  Drew loves helping to coach the kids and gets a kick out of seeing Crosby's enthusiasm and growth.  We've also been heavy in hockey watching as the playoffs are underway. We even had some tears (from Crosby, not Drew) when the Penguins lost.

So yes, to keep it real, these past few weeks have not been easy.  But praise God for silver lining, sunny afternoons, and for the flowers after the rain!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Break

We had an "eventful" end to March with an onslaught of illnesses and allergies.  Jack won the award for worst diagnosis by ending up with Scarlet Fever. I spent a lot of time at home for a week or so with a cuddly boy - that part was a perk for me, I was NOT a fan of him being miserable though!  Crosby's allergies flared up again, Spring is always a battle with those, so we have gotten into our allergy regime again.  Poor guy LOVES being outdoors but the outdoors do not always love him.

Thankfully we were all well before Spring Break this last week and got to spend a full week in Sandpoint, Idaho with other Miller clan.  Cory, Danette and the kids moved at the beginning of the year and it was so fun to explore that area and see their beautiful home!  

We split up the 6+ hour drive on the way there and headed out after school/work on Friday.  We made it to Moses Lake and stayed at a hotel.  The boys got a major kick out of the hotel and LOVED going swimming that night.  Drew and I didn't love how little Jack decided to sleep - that boy was far too excited and I can't even begin to detail the number of various body parts of his that were on me during the night.

During our time in Sandpoint we had a lot of wonderful cousin time - the boys loved pretending to be super heroes, army guys, police guys, etc...  Crosby and Hayden played hockey almost incessantly.  We also played baseball outside a lot - my favorite being a Daddy vs Boys game (The boys won while the men dramatically fumbled!  So fun to watch!).  We even got snow one day! Jackson especially would have played in it all day, he loved the snow.

We got to celebrate Easter with them, complete with visiting their church, dying eggs, an egg hunt, and Easter baskets.  The boys had a blast finding the eggs and of course eating the candy!

Danette and I got to check out downtown with the girls and hit up fun Sandpoint shops.  The town and area are beautiful and Drew and I fell in love with the mountains, water and scenery.  We took lots of walks to the dock across the street and fun visits into town for yummy restaurants, fun Idaho stores and craft/play time.

We went up Mt. Schweitzer one day - another fun snow day for the boys.  They loved the snow, the view and the cookies and drinks we got at a cute cafe at the top.  We can't wait to come back some time during skiing season for some tubing action.

During our last full day the Daddy's had a man day that included shooting exploding targets in the woods, a meat factory, coffee over ice cream and manly stores (army surplus, tool store).  During the man-fest we took the kids to the city beach/park.  They had a ton of green space, sandy beaches and a play area.  The kids loved playing and we capped off the morning with a picnic lunch.

Overall, we loved spending so much quality time with the Idaho Millers and can't wait to go back!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Fam Bam

We have had an eventful few weeks in the Miller household - or uneventful, depending at how you look at it.  A recent health issue for Drew caused us to do some hibernating for a bit - lots of at home snuggles, movies, board games and legos.  Thankfully he is feeling much better now and we are getting back to the grind of things. In the middle of that chaos Crosby started coach-pitch little league last week. 2 practices a week and games starting in April.  I figure it's probably about time to go buy one of those portable tent things that will keep me dry - with 2 boys who love sports I 'm guessing I just might get some use out that in Washington...better get to a sporting goods store! Crosby is loving his 2nd year in baseball and Papa and Daddy have been helping him practice as well.  4 of the kids on his team are from school so that is extra fun for him!  We also bought a treadmill and Drew and I both claim to be training for a jogging a 5k - I personally think that will take me a lot longer than Drew, but stating it on the internet means I have to follow through, right?

To cap off this week we decided to take advantage of a free photo deal that was expiring and got some family photos done.  I never think those places do the best at group shots - I need more paparazzi style to assure that there will be a picture we all look decent in, but hey, for free these aren't bad!