Monday, July 21, 2014

Cousin camp - the Fire Station

A highlight of cousin camp was a trip to the Camano Island Fire Station with Neil.  The kids were in heaven! Neil gave us a tour of the station, had hats and coins for all the kids and they got to explore and climb in all of the vehicles. The boys were both in awe of the trucks, boat, ambulances and couldn't seem to soak it up enough.  There was even an emergency call out for an ambulance while we were there!  These were their reactions:

Neil gave all of the kids a short ride in the fire truck, followed by showing them all of the gear and letting them spray the fire house, even the big kids!

The kids loved resetting the cones for target practice with the hose!

Crosby was seriously in love with Uncle Neil all weekend and pretty much thought he was the coolest thing ever. Even requesting Neil to sit by him at every meal!  It is such a fun and special event to get to do this with the boys and they literally talk about it for months.  Thank you Neil for hosting us, we had a great time!

Cousin Camp (CIBJESS) 2014

This past weekend we got to go up to my Aunt Diane's house on Camano Island for Cousin Camp (or Camp CIBJESS - Crosby, Isaiah, Brielle, Jackson, Emma, Sadie and Seth).  We stayed for two nights in Diane and Darrel's camper and had a BLAST!  My parents were there the whole time as well as Diane, Darrel and my cousins Neil, Taneal and Marshall.  Greg & Amanda's crew tent camped for Saturday night and Andy and Hilary's gang came up for the day on Saturday (we couldn't quite convince them to overnight camp with Seth being only 7 months old!). 

The weekend consisted of a lot of dirt/grass, riding of various farm/construction vehicles, water fights, campfires, great food and a whole lot of laughter!

Friday we arrived mid afternoon and the boys were SO excited to be there and to sleep in a camper, they were near giddy. They ran around the property, bonded with the dogs (Jack was in LOVE with the dogs and would follow them everywhere) and had an epic water fight.  Everyone (adults NOT in swimwear included) fell victim to the water guns  (and sometimes the hose!). The boys giggled, chased, and tackled everyone insight and go the biggest kick out of Neil and Drew who were right in the middle of the water battle.

That night we set up a bonfire, got to make smores and enjoy the summer night! After a full day, they got to snuggle up (at first together, so sweet!) in their camper beds and they passed out.  The adults got to continue enjoying the campfire and treats - I forgot how nice sitting around a campfire can be, we had a blast!

Saturday we woke up, ate breakfast in our camper and then set out.  Our first stop was a great park on Camano.  The boys loved exploring, swinging and getting tons of attention from the adults - they were soaking it up!

We stopped by some local shops for candy, sausages and coffee (what a combo!) and then headed back for some riding fun. The boys got rides on the quad, the 2 riding lawn mowers and the tractor/scooper.  They LOVED it and would not get off!! I think we finally bribed them off the machines for lunch and then they were back out there later in the day.  Once everyone else arrived and Jack napped (while Crosby got to shoot BB guns!) we headed to the Fire Station (see the next post).  After the station we came back for more riding, playing with the dogs, wilderness exploring and an amazing dinner thanks to Darrel and Diane!

Another campfire, more BB guns and general shenanigans followed until the boys just about dropped from exhaustion!  Sunday brought a huge camp breakfast, more riding fun - this time Crosby insisted on driving the riding lawn mower himself and even gave others rides! What a big boy!!  We had a BBQ lunch and then headed home - very happy, tired, dirty and a little campfire smelling. The boys said it was the BEST. WEEKEND. EVER. and had a blast.  I think they want to live there!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Farm fun

This last Saturday we got to spend the morning out at the Little Farm in the Black Diamond/East Auburn area for Emma's 2nd Birthday Party and we had SUCH A BLAST! Jack, especially, was in hog heaven (literally). He loves animals, has no fear, and would have spend all day there if we let him.  Both boys got a kick out of seeing animals up close and feeding them carrots/bread/feed.  They got to feed horses, bunnies, guinea pigs, a pot-belly big, goats, chickens, etc... We even got to see some peacocks up close!  The owners even bundled some bunnies and guinea pigs up and let the kids hold them, Jack loved that! The kids also got to ride horses - Jack took at least 3 rides on the them and loved it. Crosby loved leading Grammie around on the horse, but was NOT a fan of me putting him on the horse itself. He did manage a small ride but definitely prefers his feet on the ground.

It was such a fun morning to celebrate Emma and we definitely want to go back sometime!

Jack has been a cowboy ever since our trip!