Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanksgiving and SNOW!

We had a great Thanksgiving and long weekend.  I got to attend Crosby's Kindergarten Thanksgiving Lunch on Wednesday and it was a blast to eat lunch with him and his friends and see him in the classroom setting.  Afterwards we got to steal out of school early, grab Jack and head home for some afternoon at home fun.

On Thanksgiving Day we headed to my parents, the boys loved watching the parade on TV and playing with Seth and Emma. The kids weren't such a huge fan on traditional Thanksgiving foods - but they did love the turkey and rolls and even had sparkling apple cider - Jack made some pretty funny faces after every sip - they aren't used to the carbonation!  After my mom's delicious feast we had some down time for naps (and clean up!) and once the littles were all awake we went to Andy and Hilary's for snacks, leftovers and the Seahawks game!  They even made sugar cookies for the kids to decorate!  The boys loved decorating (and eating!) their cookies and had a great time playing at their cousin's house.  The boys both reported that this year they are very thankful for our family - so are we!  So much to be thankful for!

We spent the rest of the weekend shopping, decorating, watching Christmas movies, and playing in the SNOW!  It wasn't a ton of snow, but the boys were VERY excited and wanted to play in it as soon as they woke up.  We discovered the benefit of slightly older kids this year was that we could bundle them up and let them play in the fenced in backyard while we watch on, cozy inside our family room. Game changer!

Sunday we got to decorate MORE cookies at Grammies with cousins and then Drew and Crosby got to go to a Seattle Thunderbirds hockey game that evening.  They didn't get to stay the whole time in order to get Crosby to bed on time, but they loved it!  Crosby did discover that he is still not a fan of the mascot, Cool Bird.  Somehow that bird scares him silly!


It was a busy month!

This month Jack continued swimming lessons and is turning into a little fish!  Due to a power outage Crosby and I got the day off of school and got to see his skills first hand.  He loved having his own cheering section and it quite the adorable little swimmer!

We also took the boys to the dentist to celebrate Veteran's Day...I'm not sure they quite saw this as a celebration, but they did fantastic!  It was only Jack's second time but he was a trooper and did everything they asked of him - a big improvement of last trip's cryfest.  Crosby was a champ, as usual!  Afterwards we headed to Bellevue Square for some fun window-shopping and a Top Pot Doughnut for each boy - always a favorite!

A couple of weeks ago the boys and I joined Grammie and Greg and Amanda's crew for Disney on Ice!  It was Jack and my first time to one of these shows and we had a blast.  Jack refers to it as "Disneyland Ice".  The boys loved seeing all of the characters skating around, dancing to the tunes and dreaming of our upcoming Disneyland trip.  Jack talked about Mickey Mouse the whole time, and said "ew!" when the princesses skated around.  He is 100% little boy!  The boys had a great time with their cousins and munching on some popcorn!

Thursday, November 6, 2014


We had a wonderful Halloween!

A couple of nights prior to the day we got to carve our pumpkins.  We (and by we I mean Drew) carved 3 pumpkins so that all the boys could have their pick of designs.  Jack chose Batman, Crosby chose a Lego guy and Drew (of course) had to represent the 12th man.  The boys insisted (and still do) on checking out the pumpkins on a daily basis.  They had a blast!

On Halloween, Drew took off work a little early and we headed off for Andy and Hilary's house.  Grammie and Papa joined in the fun as well!  The kids loved playing together and we had a great meal and then took to the streets.  We had to lure Jack away from toys with the promise of candy, but all three of the older kids loved trick-or-treating once we were out.  Emma and Jack both perfected the "multi-grab" either getting more than one piece of candy or simply going back for the second handful.  Their sheer adorableness afforded them whole handfuls from some of the houses we went to.  This year they also stayed out a long time!  Eventually Jack took a seat in Emma's stroller and refused to move, but Crosby wanted to stay out as long as possible.  I'm sure it had nothing to do with getting more candy ;)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

In sickness and in pumpkins.

Well the beginning of the cold and flu season hit us hard after our wonderful Oregon getaway.  Within the span on a week the boys and I feel prey to strep throat AND Jack and I both got Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. Not exactly the welcome to October I was hoping for. It's really rare for adults to get that, and that is good because it was no fun! Jack and I were in quarantine at home for a full week and in addition to feeling downright junky - being confined alone with a 3 year old who also feels junky makes for a REALLY LONG WEEK.  Thankfully we are all on the mend and we are hoping that we punched our sick card for a while and can take a pass on the next round!

To celebrate being sprung from lock up - we spent the morning watching football and playing with Andy, Hilary and their kids (Emma also got the HFM crud...) and then hitting up the pumpkin patch.  The boys LOVED it and the patch was crowded - everyone was out trying to enjoy this amazing, warm fall day.  We each picked out our pumpkin and we can't wait to do some carving and enjoying a (hopefully!) healthy end of October.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Seaside (otherwise known as a really long post...)

This past weekend we got to spend 4 fun-filled days on the Oregon Coast with the whole Nelson crew. We love our annual trip to Seaside and the boys were jazzed for sand, sun and cousin shenanigans.  We couldn't have asked for better weather and spent most of our time by the beach or out exploring.  As is always the case, the weekend went by much too fast.

Friday - After our drive down, the boys hit the beach!  We flew kites, played in the sand, dipped our feet in the water and got out all our wiggles.

Saturday - After some family pictures (in a post to come) we walked into Seaside for some Arcade fun, a visit to the candy shop, and taking in the sites.  We, of course, ended our day at the beach.  The boys got fearless and loved running into the waves and we couldn't soak up enough sunsets!

Sunday - We took to the road and headed south.  We hit up the Tillamook Cheese Factory (known as Crosby paradise). We took a "ride" in the loaf bus, watched cheese being made, ate WAY too many samples, stocked up on cheese and got delicious ice cream cones. On our way back north we stopped in our old stomping grounds - Rockaway Beach. Rockaway holds so many special memories for us of times with my grandparents and we loved getting to see the town and visit some places.  We stopped at their church, St. Mary's by the Sea and saw their memorial bench.  We also took the kids into Flamingo Jim's - a crazy little tourist store that I adored growing up and Grammie treated all the kids to little bags of rocks they picked out.  Crosby pulled his Daddy aside and asked if he could by me a adorable blue heart keychain with a letter S on it - Drew wholeheartedly agreed and my precious boy gifted it to me and it will now remind me always of this place and new memories being made in a place so dear to me.

As became tradition, we hit up the beach at the end of the day.  After a very sandy bath, the kids would all get in their jammies and go for "Moon runs" on the big wrap around porch.  They'd run and giggle until they were all ready to pass out.  Such fun memories!

Monday - Our last day! We packed up, played hard, and hit up town one last time.  After a sad goodbye we hit the road home and made a few fun stops on the way home.  The boys are already talking about our next trip down!