Thursday, September 17, 2015


Jackson Drew turned 4!!

We got to celebrate with a family party on Sunday night after the fair, and then again on Tuesday with his preschool class. Jack was spoiled with many presents and lots of love!  He was very excited about turning 4 and being a big boy - he asked me every morning leading up to his birthday "Am I 4 yet?"  My favorite part of his actual birthday may have been when Blaze (from Blaze and the Monster Machines - a TV show) called Jackson to wish him a Happy Birthday (you can sign up to have characters call your kids). He was SO excited, I'm not sure I've ever seen a bigger smile on that boy.  After school on his birthday he got to pick our dinner location and he chose Chick-Fil-A (a boy after Papa's heart) and the boys loved nuggets, shakes, fries and playtime. 

Jack - 4 years ago you made our family complete. You are fun, spunky, full of imagination and giggles. You are my cuddler, my shadow and you love to do whatever your brother is.  You are also big into doing things yourself, and since you've give up naps you still have your 3 year old sass lingering around!  You like to push boundaries but you also love to snuggle up with me and give me kisses.  You keep me on my toes and I couldn't love a 4 year old more!

And Interview with Jackson Drew on his 4th birthday....

What is your favorite color?  Blue, green, red, black and gray

What is your favorite toy? Switch and go dinos and legos

What is your favorite fruit? Oranges and grapes

What is your favorite TV show? Blaze and the Monster Machines

What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Peanut butter and nutella sandwich

What is your favorite outfit? Darth Vader sweatshirt

What is your favorite game? Lego city iPad game

What is your favorite snack? Fruities

What is your favorite animal? Tyrannosaurus Rex

What is your favorite song? "We will, we will, rock you!"

What is your favorite book? Marvel Superheroes book

Who is your best friend? Crosby!

What is your favorite cereal? Kix

What is your favorite thing to do outside? Run

What is your favorite drink? Apple-grape juice

What is your favorite holiday? Christmas

What do you like to take with you to bed at night? Blankie, dream light, doggie stuffed animals

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Waffles

What do you want for dinner on your birthday? Chick-Fil-A

What do you want to be when you grow up? A construction worker and a Fireman

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September Shenanigans

We had a very busy, but crazy fun weekend!  Saturday we gathered with all of the Nelsons for the annual Walk to Defeat ALS.  It was great to catch up with family and walk for such a worthy cause that is so dear to our hearts.  

Afterwards we headed back to my parents for a family BBQ and lots of great time together.  We don't get to see all of my extended family very often, so there were lots of fun cousins to play with and the boys had a blast.  In the middle of that, Crosby had his soccer pictures and then his very first soccer game.  He had so much fun and is currently in love with the sport.  He got to be captain for the game and call the coin toss (he won) and he even scored a goal and his team won! It was awesome to see his little team so excited and hugging each other after goals!

Sunday we headed to the Puyallup fair!  It wasn't very busy as it was overcast and during he Seahawks game - but because it was my birthday both Drew and my Dad missed the game for the fun :)  We had a great time checking out animals, the boys loved riding some rides, walking around exhibits and getting some special treats!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

First day of Preschool!

Today was Jack's first day of Preschool!  He was VERY excited to join Crosby at school and wear a backpack!  He even picked out his Alaska Air backpack especially for the occasion, which made Daddy very proud as well! :)

I can't believe my baby is in Preschool! We are very excited about all of the learning and fun that will take place! Jack will be in a very small classroom with his best friend Lexi - they will be the two "typical peers" for 3 kiddos in their class who have range of hearing loss, several with cochlear inplants.  They will get to learn sign language as they help model speech for their peers.  Crosby was in the same preschool classroom a few years ago and it was wonderful, so we know to expect great things!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

1st Grade!

Yesterday was Crosby's first day of First Grade!  I can't believe how old and tall and amazing this boy is!

We got to go to a back to school BBQ on Monday night to meet both Crosby and Jackson's teacher (Jackson has the same Preschool teacher that Crosby did, so it was more like a say "Hi again!" for her).  We enjoyed some hot dogs, seeing friends and even a little dancing for Jack and his best friend Alexa.

On the first day, Crosby awoke excited, but we had a little hiccup as we were about to leave for school and my tender-hearted boy got a good case of nervousness. Much like his mommy, when he doesn't know what to expect, he doesn't love it.  Timid and perhaps overly cautious, he gets those traits honestly.  And even though he had met (and loved!) his teacher (Mr. Good - what a perfect teacher name), he hadn't been to the classroom and it was all enough to cause a good old belly ache.  After some reassurance, prayers, hugs and maybe little bribery, we made it to school.  After he set foot in his class and several friends waved excitedly, he gave us a small wave and that was that. He reported his first day was "Great! No, AWESOME!"

We can't wait for what 1st grade has in store for our boy!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer is winding down

I get to this point in the summer and even though it is not *quite* over, I miss is desperately.  We had an amazing summer.  It was packed!  Camping, little family getaways, swimming lessons, play dates, and lots of time with my two (not so little) munchkins. I adore summer. 90 degree days and all. And I am already missing it as I prepare to start working again a few days these next couple of weeks until school starts full force.  

Somehow this year seems even more special as I can see these boys growing and moving out of "toddler" and "little boy" into the land of boyhood and while I love it, I'm desperately soaking up every snuggle that I can.  Crosby is heading into 1st grade in a few weeks and Jack is soon to follow starting Pre-school a week later.

So, we are soaking up all that we can while the sun is still out and we have time to burn.  This weekend we went down to the Auburn Days parade - the boys love the fire engines, police motorcycles and marching bands. Sunday after church we spent the day at Grammie and Papa's with the Boston-bound Nelsons.  They leave to drive across the country this week and we won't get to see them in person again until Christmas break.  Boy are we going to miss them!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ocean Shores

We recently got to spend a wonderful weekend in Ocean Shores, again thanks to Grammie and Papa giving us some of their timeshare use. It was such a fun, family getaway!

We headed out early Friday morning and hit up the Olympia children's museum on our way out to the coast. A few hours was nowhere near enough time there, the boys love all of the exhibits and things to explore. They especially love the construction/building area and we had to drag them out at lunchtime.

After a quick stop at the Olympia farmer's market, we were back on the road.  We arrived early afternoon and packed in a beach walk, swimming, a trip to town and a grilled dinner before bed!  Our room was right by the pool and the dunes entrance to the beach and boy did we utilize them both!  We swam twice Saturday, went mini-golfing (Jack's first time), hit up the arcade, multiple beach trips and shell walks and checked out all the fun stores in town. Sunday we made a traditional Cabela's stop on the way home. It was a short trip, but packed with fun, laughter and great quality time together!  We can't wait to go back!

Monday, July 27, 2015

8 years and Lake Chelan

On July 14th, Drew and I celebrated our 8th anniversary and got to do so with the boys in the beautiful Lake Chelan. Many thanks to my parents for letting us use their time share.  We had an AMAZING 5 days away together as a family and loved every second of it!  We swam, multiple times a day, multiples hours a time - the boys adored the pool and splash park and even enjoyed the steps of the hot tub to appease mom and dad occasionally!  We bowled, played at parks, Drew and Crosby did a putting golf course (twice - Crosby was obsessed), shopped around town, ate some great food and channeled Papa for ice cream/shakes on a daily basis.  What a wonderful time escaping the demands of life and regrouping for lots of laughter, snuggles and smiles. We will definitely go back!

And let me just say that 8 years with Drew? A delight. Love this man and love our crew!