Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Fam Bam

We have had an eventful few weeks in the Miller household - or uneventful, depending at how you look at it.  A recent health issue for Drew caused us to do some hibernating for a bit - lots of at home snuggles, movies, board games and legos.  Thankfully he is feeling much better now and we are getting back to the grind of things. In the middle of that chaos Crosby started coach-pitch little league last week. 2 practices a week and games starting in April.  I figure it's probably about time to go buy one of those portable tent things that will keep me dry - with 2 boys who love sports I 'm guessing I just might get some use out that in Washington...better get to a sporting goods store! Crosby is loving his 2nd year in baseball and Papa and Daddy have been helping him practice as well.  4 of the kids on his team are from school so that is extra fun for him!  We also bought a treadmill and Drew and I both claim to be training for a jogging a 5k - I personally think that will take me a lot longer than Drew, but stating it on the internet means I have to follow through, right?

To cap off this week we decided to take advantage of a free photo deal that was expiring and got some family photos done.  I never think those places do the best at group shots - I need more paparazzi style to assure that there will be a picture we all look decent in, but hey, for free these aren't bad!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Super Jump Party Zone

This past weekend we celebrated Crosby's 6th birthday!

Crosby requested (begged) that his party be at Super Jump Zone again this year and since they have so much fun there...we caved.  Once again it was a blast!  This was the first year to invite some school friends and somehow all the little 5/6 year old boys from all parts of his life (family, school, church) somehow meshed and they had a ton of fun bouncing, eating, having an air hockey tournament and laughing, a LOT.  Crosby particularly loved the bouncer that had a basketball net and Jack's favorite thing were the little slides.  Overall it was a great success - bouncing, pizza, cake and ice cream and lots of smiles (and a little sweat...).

Happy 6th Birthday Crosby James!  You are so loved!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

And he is 6.

Crosby James is 6. This is crazy. It feels like these years have flown by me and I desperately need a pause button!  Crosby is such a joy to our family.  He is smart, silly, kind, thoughtful, crafty, imaginative and loyal. He is full of questions and soaking up knowledge at an incredible rate!  I love this guy and I am SO blessed to be his Mommy! 

Little brother had to get in on the pictures too...

Monday, February 23, 2015


An interview with Crosby James on his 6th Birthday...

What is your favorite color? Red, blue and green

What is your favorite toy? LEGOs, hockey and Batman

What is your favorite fruit? Strawberries

What is your favorite TV show? Star Wars Rebels and Ninjago

What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Veggie chips and sandwiches

What is your favorite outfit? Seahawk clothes

What is your favorite game? Batman LEGO video games

What is your favorite snack? Fishies and cheese

What is your favorite animal? Pandas

What is your favorite song? The Hockey game song
What is your favorite book? LEGO books

Who is your best friend? Blake, Max, Anthony, Jackson, Daddy, Mommy, Grammie and all my cousins

What is your favorite cereal? The marshmallow kind - Lucky Charms

What is your favorite thing to do outside? Ride bikes

What is your favorite drink? Milk

What is your favorite holiday? Christmas and Halloween

What do you like to take with you to bed at night? Blankie and my little panda bear
What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Toast with cream cheese and yogurt

What do you want for dinner on your birthday? Go to McDonalds (Mommy sigh....)

What do you want to be when you grow up? A soccer player

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Busy busy bees

These past few weeks have flown by in a haze of activity.  Swimming, soccer, school events, a crushing Superbowl loss, church events - we've been chugging along.

Here is what the crew has been up to lately:

Crosby - he earned his Self Manager badge last month and I got to attend a special assembly that he was recognized at.  So proud to watch my little guy succeeding!  We also got his "report card" home this week and he is thriving in school. He's at all of his end of the year benchmarks already and continuing to learn more and more. He has over 100 sight words and loving memorizing new things.  He also still has the crafting bug and loves putting together projects and crafts.  We had a LOT of Seahawks "crafts" around the Superbowl!  He also started soccer on Friday nights and he is having a blast! We have decided that Crosby's strength lies in defensive positions - he loves falling back to guard the goal but isn't very aggressive at trying to get the ball away from people. He is my gentle giant (well...most of the time!).  He is also thriving in swimming, he is such a fish!

Jackson - started doing school with Nana during the days.  They are starting to trace the alphabet and learn letter sounds.  He is a little sponge, soaking things up and insisting that he do flashcards right along with his brother (still pronounced brudder...melts me). He loves to mimic his brother (attitude and all) and is big on (thinking he's) calling the shots right now.  He is wanting so desperately to be independent and yet he is still my cuddle bug who wants me by his side at all times - such a walking contradiction!  He is enjoying swimming as well - working on his front and back floats. He still does more playing and flirting than swimming, but hopefully some progress is being made!

Drew and I have both been really busy at work and had a lot going on outside of work as well.  I think we are all ready for a long weekend this weekend - although I think we all are actually ready for Spring break about now!  We got to be outside playing this Sunday a bit and man, it sure was nice to be out together - we can't wait for more sunshine!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Getting back into the groove

Our New Years was a low key affair.  We spent some fun time together as a family on NY Eve and then got together with the Nelson crew on New Years Day. On the 2nd we went down to the new Bass Pro Shop in Tacoma to check it out.  The boys loved walking around the store - from the big fish tank, to the boats and toys, it's little boy paradise.  We got in a massive line for bowling and got to bowl in their very cool sea life bowling alley.  The boys had a BLAST and we will be back for sure!

January is always a harder month for us - getting back into the swing of work and school after 2 weeks of rest and family time is a rough adjustment for all!  The first week back Jack cried in the mornings when we'd wake him up saying "It's not wake up time, it's sleep time!"  Yes buddy, all of us are feeling that pain!

We have, however, decided to take January by the horns and have jumped into our schedule full force.  Crosby loved getting back to school, has earned his self-manager badge (more to come on that later), earned several recognition cards and it just maturing before our eyes so much.  Jackson has been a little slower to warm up to our routine - but has started "school" time with Nana working on starting to trace letters.  He can do flash cards for the alphabet, colors and shapes, but getting that boy to write something might be a little slower of an effort!

We started the boys back up in swimming lessons on Saturdays.  Crosby just passed another level this week - for this level he had to swim 15 feet of the crawl stroke, start from a back glide and switch halfway into a crawl stroke for the rest of the distance and also jump into the water, immediately get into a back float and then stand up.  This next level starts work on side breathing - crazy!  Jack is more intent on charming his teachers.  He wants to hold their hands, giggle at them and get them to give him toys.  That boy is going to be trouble as a teen!

We also just signed Crosby up for Spring Little League and he starts a Kidz Love Soccer class that starts this Friday.  Crazy!!

Between all of that we've been rooting hard for our Seahawks.  Both boys are Hawks obsessed and Drew has them chanting cheers all of the time.  We can't wait for the big Superbowl game!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


We had a wonderful Christmas day and have been enjoying our time off!  Our morning was very low key - a pajama and lounge around morning - which was right up our alley this year!  The boys could barely be pried away for breakfast.

Mid-day we met up with the Nelson crew at my parents and enjoyed the insanity of 7 grandkids and gift opening.  It was a wonderful day and we had a blast together!  We've still been a bit in recuperation mode and have been mostly laying low since then.  Thankfully we've had a host of new toys, books, games and crafts to make this an easy feat!