Sunday, January 3, 2016

Parties and Zoolights

The day after Christmas we got to celebrate Seth's 2nd birthday with all of the cousins at the Tacoma Children's Museum.  The kids loved roaming the nearly empty museum and our boys especially loved the craft area.  We were so glad to all be together celebrating Seth!

New Year's Eve we met up with the cousins, Grammie and Papa and Aunt Diane and Uncle Darrell for some Chick-Fil-A and Zoolights fun.  The cousins all soaked up as much time together as possible, they sure miss each other when the Boston Nelson's are gone! Isaiah and Crosby even walked around part of the zoo holding hands - love those boys!  We had a great time seeing the lights and riding the merry-go-round.  We can't wait for more zoo time this year - my big present from Drew this year was a membership to the Zoo for the family! What a great guy!

Someone wore himself out!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Eve and Day

A few years ago Drew and I put into place a ban on all outside Christmas Eve activity. We decided that it would be a day for the 4 of us to be together, make special memories and hunker down amid the chaos of activity that is Christmas. Since we were headed to my parents early on Christmas day, we also opened the majority of our presents on Christmas Eve, spreading them throughout the day for an extended present opening experience. We loved it!

Per Crosby's request, we had a "snack" dinner -picnic style on the floor while watching movies.  He requested, meats, cheeses, fruit, crackers, pigs in a blanket and other fun snacky foods. We had a great evening reading the REAL Christmas story and being together.

Crosby, on his own, made the poster below.  Made my mommy heart so happy and proud!

Christmas morning we opened stockings and a few gifts then zoomed over to Grammies for brunch and big family presents.  All of the cousins were reunited and it was a wonderful, fun, loud day!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Winter Break

Our Winter Break has been far too short but so wonderful at the same time! Right before break we decided to visit some of our favorite Young Life/Decatur kids at the mall as they are all Santa's helpers. This was the boys first real Santa trip and they had a blast.  They still (thankfully!) get a kick out of wearing matching sweaters and thought a candy cane from the big guy was pretty awesome!

Once Winter Break actually started we had a few days of the crummies - we were knocked out and did a lot of napping, snuggling and Christmas movie watching!  While it was not my elected way to start our break, it was nice to have such quality time with the boys and spend time just loving them and being together.

Crosby received some unexpected Christmas gifts this year as well that came right before Christmas.  Drew had sent the Tampa Bay Rays a message with a video he'd taken of Crosby when Crosby found out that Brad Miller, his favorite Mariner, had been traded to the Rays.  Crosby was distraught and Drew thought Brad might get a kick out of the video but he didn't know how to get it to him.  The Rays ended up posting the video (with Drew's consent) on their Facebook page and it was shared on several other sites including!  They send Crosby a Miller jersey - he is the first to have one with Brad's new number, and Brad himself sent Crosby and autographed bat! What a lucky little boy!

Once we kicked the sickness, we spent a lot of time playing games, baking treats and having a great time.  We decorated sugar cookies one afternoon and this year the boys loved it! In the past they've only been interested in a cookie or two, but Crosby spent the entire time with me frosting and decorating. Jack was slightly more interested in the eating portion of the event.

We also celebrated Drew's 39th birthday the weekend before Christmas - Drew and I got to have a day date for some Hawaiian food and the new Star Wars movie. Both were VERY enjoyable and it was great to be able to celebrate such a wonderful husband and Daddy!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Holiday lights!

On December 5th we got to go to Wild Waves for Drew's company Christmas party.  Alaska rented out the entire park and we had access to rides, a special craft area, food and more.  Laura came with us and we all had a blast!
Despite the rain, we thoroughly enjoyed the evening and the boys continue to talk about it. We got in the park at the beginning of the line and ended up meeting Santa, riding multiple rides and getting dinner before really any lines had a chance to form.  The kids loved all of the little rides, but Crosby was nearly at the max height, so he might not have much time left for the kid rides!
We even wrote letters to Santa, made some crafts and got a cute Alaska ornament.  It was fun to see the boys so excited. Crosby declared it awesome, so we just might have to go again next year!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


We had a great Thanksgiving weekend! The weather was freezing, but sunny and perfect for decorating, a little bit of playing, and a whole lot of snuggling!

On Thanksgiving day we went to Grammie and Papa's for a delicious lunch with the Nelson crew (sans the Boston Nelsons - we missed them!!).  We had a great time watching football and the parade, eating and even getting outside for a bit of play time.  After naps for Emma and Seth, we headed over to Andy and Hilary's for leftovers, LOTS of delicious desserts (including sugar cookies for the kids to decorate), and cousin playtime.  It was a very low key and relaxing day!  Crosby reported that he was thankful for our family, his Grammie and Papa, all of his cousins and friends, but most of all he was thankful for God and Jesus.  Jack said he was most thankful for Mommy (be still my heart!).  I am so thankful for those precious boys!

The rest of the weekend was spent Christmas-ifying our house.  The boys are in full-on Christmas mode now and Jack keeps asking if we get to open presents tomorrow.  After some Black Friday shopping for me (half-off socks can not be missed!), we got into the decorating spirit and put up our Christmas tree, outside lights and indoor decorations.  Saturday we made some cookies to freeze for later consumption, decorated our gingerbread house (with the candy they DIDN'T eat - sneaky boys), did some Christmas crafts and watched some Christmas movies. We didn't get out a ton, other than to be with family, but it was a wonderful, family weekend!


November has been fun and busy and went by far too fast! Here is what we've been up to...

  • Finished up his first soccer season this month, he had a blast!  He loved his team and his skills improved a ton over the season.  His coach said he has the makings of a great defensive player and he is already looking forward to next season.  We got to celebrate with the team last week and Crosby got a medal for his participation and some very encouraging words from his coaches.  Drew gets a special Daddy award for being the one to stand out in the pouring rain for the final games of the season!

  • Started Taekwondo at the beginning of the month. His 1st grade teacher is the owner and primary teacher of the place we go and Crosby is really enjoying his lessons so far. We love it as well as it reinforces a lot of really great behavior (discipline, respect, obedience), is a great outlet for energy, and talks about self defense, bullying and other great life lessons.

  • We had an excellent parent-teacher conference at the beginning of the month. Crosby is thriving this year and loves his teacher and classroom. He is very into writing books, art, reading and we see a lot more maturity in him. His teacher hopes to have him reading at a 3rd grade level by the end of the year based on how far he is on the scale right now.   Crosby also got his self-manager badge at school this month and got recognized in an assembly that Drew and I got to attend.  He was the 2nd in his class to earn his badge, which requires a signature from his teacher, the lunchroom supervisor, the playground supervisor, his parents, the Librarian, the gym teacher, the music teacher and the principal all verifying that he meets the self manager criteria. So proud!
  • Got to pick out his first big boy bible- he was SO EXCITED to pick it out, get a cover and likes to pull it out to read it with us.  We still love the Jesus Storybook Bible, but he thinks its great to have a big boy one to reference as well!

  • We also had an excellent conference for Jack - he is doing great in preschool!  He is right on track, socializing well, and having a great time in Pre-K!  His teacher noted what a joy it was to have Jack in class and that she is excited to have him next year too. (His birthday is after the Kindergarten cut-off, so he will do 2 years of Pre-K).
  • Jack hasn't joined the world of organized sports yet, but has been our buddy in watching Crosby and will likely be starting his own sports career in T-ball this coming Spring.  So far he is content watching (and perhaps getting iPad time during some practices....)
  • Jack has been obsessed with Angry birds (especially the building sets that we have) and his favorite past time is still snuggling (score for me!).
  • Jack is also really into drawing/coloring with Crosby. It's fun to see how much better he is at coloring now and he loves to write letters as well. He is growing up so much!
We've had some fun weekends lately, including trips to Bellevue (Chick-Fil-A and the mall), and going to see the new Peanuts movie, which was very adorable and the boys loved it!